NOVI. On an ongoing journey of musical self discovery, NOVI pulls from life’s personal experiences & inspirations to create their unique sound, authentic passion and musical originality is the beating heart of NOVI‘s work.
Mishell Ivon, singer and front-woman and founder of the band, started on her music path at the age of 13 under Touch & Go Music in Germany. She then moved on to study at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and from there she moved on into various studio work projects. Mishell felt comfortable hiding out in the booth for a while but continued progressing as an artist writing her own material and bringing it to life through musical collaborations, untill she met Basti. Mishell and Basti are the band members of NOVI. Their project released two singles and two holiday songs. They promise to release the full EP in 2018, meanwhile they will continue in releasing new singles and videos from it.


Soul Fusion, Pop, Commercial
From: Munchen, GERMANY

Label: Unsigned
ocial: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

Band Members

  • Mishell Ivon
  • Basti Braun


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