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PopsFanzine: Who is Gojko? Tell us something about your story.
GOJKO: Gojko is someone who has survived a lot , came from a severely poor family , survived wars, speaks 5 different languages, started his career alone without help of any bigger labels , no investors.

PF: How you define your music and style?
GJ: My music is not even close to anything sad. It doesn’t remind of poverty , wars… My music is catchy, dance music, usually very simple and easy to listen. It is music that is meant to help the listener forget about daily problems and be happy at least while they listen to my music. It is a therapy :)

PF: Who are your most important artist influences?
GJ: I don’t want to sound rude by any mean , but I don’t have any influences when it comes to artist. However, I do like Shawn Mendes, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Marshmallow..

PF: You were a young talent representing your country in the famous Eurovison contest I think. How was this experience and in what way it helped in your career?
GJ: This particular story is probably very interesting to people all over the world.
Well, I was a young talent that has recorded a song with a bend, and was supposed to perform on the famous Eurovision song contest representing Serbia, however only my voice has ended up on this competition and my manager has replaced me with some other kids. I never understood why, but what I know is that I am the most successful in this music industry out of all these other people from this band that have actually went on this competition. It is sad that at that time my home country was very corrupt, so unfortunately sometimes money TALKS and I didn’t have money. Very sad

PF: Has your way of working ? -the way you work in your music- changed much since your early days in Belgrade until now?
GJ: There is a saying? Wolf changes its hair, but is always a wolf? so, I think that I have changed the way I am thinking about music industry, but the way I am actually doing things is very similar.

PF: You’re a solo artist, but do you play with a band in your shows?
GJ: My music is electronic and it is not really meant to be played with traditional band. I prefer working with a DJ then a band. I am a big big fan of Djs and I think that in 21st century, DJs definitely know how to create an amazing atmosphere. Also , my goal is always to make a real show, have dancers, amazing lighting , special effect , unique costumes… :)

PF: How it influences in the music of an artist as you, all the hard experiences that you lived trough the years in the east Europe?
GJ: My hard experiences were very educational, and they though me how to deal with people, how to make fast decisions, how to fight for my rights and how to fight for people that I love.
My hard experiences have thought me how to talk to people, and I am actually talking to people with my music ūüėČ

PF: Our readers are avid to discover different sounds to impact them. Why do you think you’ll be able to hit it where other artists (even famous) have failed?
GJ: Because opposing other even famous artists I have have survived 2 wars, 76 days of bombing, sanctions, moved to a new continent alone with a suitcase and I made an career without any label , investor , or someone famous.

PF: What about your lyrics? Which things consider Gojko in his words?
GJ: Every word of any song that I did has some kind of a direct or indirect connection with either something that I saw, or lived through or thought about :)

PF: Your style is a sort of several kind of different sounds. How is the process of putting all your ideas together in a unique style?
GJ: Well, the style of my music is a combination or international sounds mixed with modern American. Even my voice, my accent they make my music very very unique. There is no other famous American singers that have this kind of music with this kind of accent .. hahaha

PF: What other things are really important in your life, apart from music,  that help keep you motivated?
GJ: Helping people! After being through a lot in my life , and seeing a lot of poverty , I am hoping to be in the position to help to all of those people that need help!!

PF: Are you preparing a next tour? Where?
GJ: Tour is an amazing thing to meet with my fans and see who they are and what they do , what questions they want to ask.
Because I am a perfectionist in what I do , I am waiting for a right moment and enough resources to create an amazing tour that will have a message, and will be unique and something American people have not seen before.

PF: If our readers want to buy your music, where they can do it?
GJ: I don’t like charging people , so my favorite place to listen to music would be Spotify because it is free or if you don’t want to have any ads then it has a very small monthly fee.
I would be very happy if your readers like my song and decide to put my song on their playlists. (And if you do so , you are more then welcome to message me on instagram and send me a screenshoot and I will make sure to respond to your message and personally thank you )

PF: Thanks Gojko. It was really great to talk with you. Good luck and success!
GJ: Thank you too!! It was a big pleasure to respond to your questions. I do hope that my answers are interesting, unique and entertaining to your readers.

GOJKO Luxury


Electro Pop, Pop, Club Music
From: Mission Viejo, CA, USA

Label: Unsigned

Band Members

  • Gojko¬†– Solo artist


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