Interview with BLOW_FLYY True-hearted RAP...


PopsFanzine: Who is BLOW_FLYY Tell us something about your story.
BLOW_FLYY : My story is true, pain, love, disappointment, we’re I was and we’re I’m trying to go in my one life.

PF: How do you like define your kind of music and style?
BF: Hip- Hop/Pop

PF:  Who are your music influences?
BF: My family, I do it all for family

PF:  You’re a solo artist, but have you play with a live band in your shows?
BF: Yes at a music lounge, in Toronto called the “Revival”, that was a great experience.

PF:  I’m sure there’s a lot of young-artists reading us now they would love to be inspired by your work and personality. Can you say some words for them?
BF: Sure just be true to yourself and love yourself first then you will love others, and dream big and go after it work hard and and Believe in yourself, believe you are a star and you are somebody imported.

PF:  Where can our readers buy or stream your music?
BF: First and foremost I would like to thank PopsFanzine,and to all the reader you can find me on Tidel for ex, and other streaming outlets

Thanks BLOW_FLYY for sharing your talent with us!

Blow Flyy little


Hip-Hop, Pop, Rap
From: Halifax/Dartmouth, NS, CANADA

Label: Independent artist
Manager: Gary Johnson
Social: FacebookInstagramTwitterGoogleNoisetradeAudiomackOrfiumBeatstarsFIYABainilFanburst

Band Members

  • Blow_Flyy – Solo artist


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