Interview with… MARTIN DENEV MANGA MD Dare to dream...

Martin Denev

PopsFanzine: Who is Manga MD & Martin Deneve? Tell us something about your story. Martin Denev : I’m a musician, piano and keyboard player and a music producer. I live in Bali, Indonesia almost seven years. I’m a music director and coordinator

Interview with BLOW_FLYY True-hearted RAP...


PopsFanzine: Who is BLOW_FLYY Tell us something about your story. BLOW_FLYY : My story is true, pain, love, disappointment, we’re I was and we’re I’m trying to go in my one life. PF: How do you like define your kind

Interview with GOJKO Talking to people with music...


PopsFanzine: Who is Gojko? Tell us something about your story. GOJKO: Gojko is someone who has survived a lot , came from a severely poor family , survived wars, speaks 5 different languages, started his career alone without help of

Interview with Mr. SMITH Connect the emotion...


PopsFanzine: Who is MR Smith? Tell us something about your story. Mr. Smith: Mr. Smith is a songwriter, artist, lawyer, amazing son, and good brother to my siblings. Musically, Mr. Smith is just sharing real stories about real shit he

Interview with I AM A. S.M.O.O.T.H Tthe smooth rythm...


PF: After a long time writing music for other ones, finally you started your own way. In what point you decided “now it’s the time”? A: In 2012, this is when I felt it was my time to shine and get more

Interview with Anna Varga Deep in the voice...

Anna Varga cover

PF: Who is Anna Varga? Tell us something about your story AV: Anna Varga is a recording artist, music producer and band leader. The Anna Varga band performs as a sextet, quartet, trio or duo. I’ve been in the entertainment industry

Interview with ALAINA BLAIR The voice of your "country"...

Alaina blair

RF: Who is Alaina? Tell us something about your story AB:  I am a 22 year old singer-songwriter in Carlsbad, CA. I’ve been performing since I was 5 and have never stopped. Recently, I’ve had some pretty amazing opportunities with my music

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