BRECK STEWART is an actor and singer who also works behind the scenes as cameraman, editor, director and producer. He created MoonDaze Productions which serves as a record label, video and sound production facility to release his material.

He launched a first album as a singer called Utopia in MP3 in December 2007 and later released a physical 2-Disc Ultimate Edition CD package with exclusive songs and extended remixes. The sound is described as Electronic Dance Music with a Pop Edge.

A second album Mister E was launched on October 1st, 2010. The term Mister E is a reference to the drug MDMA commonly known as Ecstasy. All the songs on Mister E are about the danger of Ecstasy and how it can have a devastating effect on the human brain.

Breck also has his own reality show called MoonDaze TV available on youtube. It is shot with 2 cameras and the cameramen are seen and heard as part of the cast.

Breck Stewart

Electronica, Pop, Dance
From: Montreal, QC, CANADA

Label: MoonDaze Productions

Band Members

  • Breck Stewart – Artist


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